0 The Interface organisation has grown significantly since 1972 into an organisation that is clearly a market leader in providing essential funding for small business. It has also grown extensively in the franchising area, as evidenced by receiving the World-Class Franchise® award from Franchise Research Institute for the last five years.

The growth in financing, franchising and licensing have been based on simple tenets, namely that Interface always provides value and professionalism in our dealings with clients, franchisees and licensees.

When I started the business in 1972, I certainly did envisage that within a comparatively short time frame Interface would grow into an International organisation where we represent, in many instances, the leading supplier of funding for small business in a particular marketplace. That has happened, and so my vision continues to expand as we add new international opportunities to our offering, however, the concept of maintaining value and professionalism within the Interface organisation will remain as a core concept of how we do business.

John Sheehy

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