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The invoice discounting marketplace is part of the factoring ‘financial service’ family. The market continues to grow at a healthy rate, especially at the lower end of the sales volume scale, i.e. the unique Interface market niche.  Since 1972, when Interface began its invoice discounting business, we have enjoyed great success working with smaller emerging companies. Our client profile shows that these companies have sales in the range of 300,000.00+ to about 4 million per annum and have been in business, in some cases, for as little as 5 or 6 months, and usually not much more than 4 years.

Invoice Discounting is a mature financial service, both in North America and on a worldwide basis.

According to the Factoring Year Book 2012, (published by BCR Publishing of Bromley, Kent, England) and Factors Chain International, invoice discounting and factoring have shown a dramatic increase in volume over the past five years. On a worldwide basis, invoices that were subject to discounting or factoring totaled €2,015,000 million in 2011, with over 2,000 companies engaged in this type of business in over 70 countries.

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