Our Training Mission statement says:

We strive to ensure that all IFG licensees receive high quality training through self-study, formal training, field training, web-based training, modules and the IFG coaching program to ensure their ability to succeed.

Training is the essence of a good startup and Interface endeavors to have licensees operational in the shortest time possible.

Initial training is usually 6 days and is broken down into 3 two-day Modules as detailed below. Additionally, Interface provides ongoing coaching and training for the entire term of a license.

Module 1:

The initial module begins with the licensee conducting a self-directed study session based on the Interface Operations Manuals and under the guidance of senior Interface executives.

Module 2:

Once Module 1 has been successfully completed, licensees attend a 2-day Formal Training session at our US training center located in Bethesda, Maryland. This is Module 2 and focuses on Interface background, transaction methodology, risk management, marketing, credit analysis, marketing and much more.

Module 3:

Following Module 2 is the third element - Field Training.  Here a senior Interface executive will visit your location for a two-day program to assist you in creating an active Lead Source Referral group started.  This calling program is crafted in conjucntion with Head Office personnel. 

The cost of training is included in the license fee with the exception of the U.S. portion where the licensee is responsible for travel, lodging and living expenses.

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