The Interface Financial Group has worked with banking institutions in a complementary fashion for over 40 years. Banks realise that although they may have a quality deposit relationship with a customer, that customer may not meet their lending criteria. However, a simple rejection of a loan request could endanger its deposit relationship. Consequently, bankers often find it necessary to function as a solution provider for that customer.

That's where IFG can step in.

IFG provides a non-competitive solution, allowing a bank to maintain and even enhance its deposit relationship, while “outsourcing” the customer's short-term funding needs to IFG.

Benefits of the IFG solution for banks include:

The bank provides a solution, not just a “NO” response
The bank maintains its customer base and improves its deposit relationships; IFG does not take the customer away from the bank
The bank sees increased average daily balances as IFG funds are deposited with the bank
When the bank's customer becomes creditworthy in accordance with the bank's lending criteria, the customer will return to the bank for funding because of its strong pre-existing relationship.

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