How it Works

How Does the IFG Solution Work?

The Interface Financial Group® provides your growing small business with short-term working capital financing through a "use-it-as-you-need-it" invoice discounting program.

Our solution system is designed to be user-friendly, incorporating the necessary framework of invoice discounting transactions into simple and straightforward documentation.

The principal documentation required needs to be completed and executed once, prior to the initial funding transaction.

Once the IFG-client relationship is established and the initial documentation executed, the following SIX BASIC STEPS are needed to complete the first funding transaction:

:  You deliver your goods and/or services to your customer.
:  You create and issue an invoice for those goods and/or services.
:  You offer to sell the invoice to IFG.
:  You advise your customer, the account debtor, of the IFG funding transaction with a Notification of Sale form, which we prepare for you.
:  Your customer, the account debtor, acknowledges to IFG that it owes the account debt  obligation to you.and agrees to pay the account debt directly to IFG.
:  IFG completes the purchase of the invoice with a payment to you.

With your cooperation, we can complete an initial funding transaction in as little as five business days from the time of your first communication with us. Subsequent funding transactions can be completed in less than 48 hours – since our initial due diligence of your customer and the initial documentation has been executed, our process and documentation is streamlined.

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